"Nature's Reclaim" - Artist's Thoughts... by Danielle Frederick

This most recent addition to the "Miraculous Swamp" series was originally meant as an anti-poaching piece. After discovering deer carcasses butchered & discarded into the swamp, I was left feeling horrified & helpless. The piece evolved into a reflection over fleeting life and unexpected death. 

"In the swamp the dance of death is surrounded by the movement of daily life, as depicted by the water striders in swirling water.  Empty eye sockets appear to be gazing upward into the heavens...reflecting on life lived (reflection of swaying trees) and knowing it is eternal.'

                                                                                 - Danielle Frederick Artist

Miraculous Swamp Series by Danielle Frederick

The "Miraculous Swamp" series is a collection of paintings of the environment where I grew up in back in my hometown of Quakertown, Pennsylvania. I want to show the viewer that swamps are a place of beauty & biodiversity.  I feel that these valuable environments of the swamp & surrounding areas are slowly being polluted & destroyed by sprawling housing developments and poachers.    I wish to convey environmental preservation through these works.

                                                                              - Danielle Frederick Artist